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Types of Fostering

Here at Carolina House Trust we understand that the reason that every child and young person that comes into care is different and the needs of the child or young person will vary.

No two children are the same – that’s why there are different types of placements.

During the application process and assessment your social worker will discuss with you and your family what type of fostering would work for you. The different types are explained below.

Emergency Placements

This type of fostering involves caring for a young person or child who needs somewhere safe to stay immediately, usually for a few days.  This can happen with very little warning.

Short Break Care

Short break placements are provided to give parents or carers a break or offer additional support. 

All of our full time foster carers receive paid respite allowing them to take a break or go on holiday.

Interim / Long Term Placements

Interim foster carers provide a temporary place to live until the young person or child can return home to their family or move into a longer term fostering placement. 

This can be for a few weeks, months or longer.  Long term placements last for a number of years or until the young person can move onto more independent living arrangements.

Permanent Placements

This is a commitment to care for a child or young person into their adult life.  These types of placements are used when a child or young person is deemed too old for adoption.  This means looking after them until they are ready to live independently, after which contact and support would continue for as long as necessary. 

There can be a different legal basis to these placements with foster carers sharing some of the parental rights which have been assumed by the local authority.     

Parent and Child Placements

This specialist type of foster care happens when a looked after young person becomes a parent and continues to live with their foster family.  The foster carers can provide support and guidance to the young person and help them to develop their parenting skills.

To discuss these placement types in more detail, find out more and ask us any questions you may have, call us today on 01382 561279 and our fostering recruitment officer will be happy to help.


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