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Why foster with us?

Carolina House Trust is an ethically focused organisation that provides a range of services to support children and young people throughout the full foster care journey.  

We place quality above quantity, with the children, young people and the carers’ well-being at the forefront of our service. We are a relatively small organisation which is ideal for encouraging lasting relationships built upon trust and respect to grow between our social workers, foster carers, children and young people – in fact, many of our foster carer’s say that being part of the Carolina House Trust team is like being part of an extended family!

This means that should you need to phone the experienced 24-hour on-call team, you are more likely to be supported by a member of staff that you already know and has a good understanding of the foster child or young person.

“Our foster child has fitted into our family really well, he loves spending time with our grandchildren who are all around the same age as him.  Taking up family activities like horse riding and camping have given us all new lease of life. It’s great to see how our foster child has progressed and his confidence has grown since living with us.”

What Carolina House Trust Offers

Foster carers are a vital part of the services provided by the Trust and we believe that a good partnership between foster carers and us is essential to ensure that the best possible quality of care provided to children and young people.

As such we are committed to providing:

Supervising Social Worker

Once approved as foster carers you will have your own experienced supervising social worker.  They are your main point of contact and will provide you with ongoing support, guidance and supervision.

Your social worker will also help you identify areas of training or personal development that will enhance your knowledge and skills.

Peer Support

Our carers are always happy to share their experiences and support one another.  There are several opportunities for carers to get together and discuss the fostering role.

Support Groups

Regular support group meetings provide both formal and informal support to our carers.

Out of Hours/Support

Apart from the support offered during working hours the Carolina House Trust also provides out of hours support to our carers.

24-hour high quality, professional support from experienced social workers.  This is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The Fostering Network

Carolina House Trust purchases annual membership to the Fostering Network for every carer.  This provides our carers with a vital support resource.

Training and Development

Carolina House Trust will prepare you for your new role with some high-quality training.  Before you are approved as a foster carer you will take part in a ‘Skills to Foster’ course.

Carolina House Trust has a strong commitment to training and development. We provide a training and development calendar at the start of each year and update it as new events and training opportunities arise.

After you are approved you will be expected to attend a minimum of 3 days mandatory training per year.  You will also have the opportunity to study for recognised accredited courses.


We recognise that to be successful a careful ‘matching’ process of a child or young person and foster home is essential.  The goal of the matching process is to ensure the most appropriate fit between the needs of the young person or child and the strengths of the foster carer.

Our matching process firstly considers the child or young person’s age, personal history, behaviour, challenges, cultural and holistic needs. We then make the best possible match based on your approval criteria and preferences and the needs of the child or young person.

Holiday allowance

Carolina House Trust foster carers are entitled to a 2-week holiday allowance per year to help you offer a child a holiday. Carers with 2 or more children or young people are eligible for a further weeks holiday allowance.

Fees and Allowances

Competitive fostering allowances to cover children and young people’s needs and recognise carer’s commitment and skills.  

Foster care fees and allowance

We understand that fostering children and young people is a significant commitment, which demands particular skills of understanding, responsibility and patience from the foster carer.

Foster caring is a rewarding yet challenging career; we pay our foster carers a generous professional fee because we recognise the great value they bring to our services.  Our fees take into account the significance of the role you play in a child or young person’s life and the demands of foster care.

An allowance for the child or young person you are caring for is also paid directly to yourself.  This allowance is to cover food, clothing, household expenses, pocket money, bus/travel fares, holidays and birthday/Christmas gifts for the child or young person.

The weekly amount of professional fees and allowance varies depending on various factors such as your experience as a foster carer and the age of the child or young person.  We can tell you much more about this when you get in touch.

  • Additional Payments
  • Holiday allowance
  • Exceptional mileage
  • Christmas/Religious Festival allowance for the young person
  • Young person’s birthday

Foster carers are classed as self-employed and are responsible for making their own payments of Income Tax and National Insurance.  In recognition of the valuable role of a foster carer, the tax allowance is generous and many foster carers pay little or no tax.  For further information about working out your taxable income when fostering visit;


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