Hannah’s last day at CHT

June 1, 2022

We have had the pleasure of Hannah joining us for her first social work placement as a Masters student at the University of Dundee. We had the surprise of live music at the last all staff meeting where she impressed us all with her performance. Hannah had a message for our community on her last day.

Smiling with guitar


Today has sadly been the last day of my placement at CHT. These past 4 months have passed by so quickly that it is hard for me to process what I have learnt and experienced. But I feel like my time here at CHT has given me a good first insight into social work practice.

Thank you everyone for your time, patience and for being so open about your experiences. It’s been great to be part of the CHT community and to meet, get to know and learn from so many of you during meetings, chats and events. One of my favourite experiences was the CHT Easter event in Livingston, and I wish that you get to enjoy all the events planned for the summer just as much.

Goodbye to you all, enjoy the holidays when they come, all the daylight and (hopefully) the sunshine.