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4Change is a group for care leavers aged 16+. We work closely with the ThroughCare AfterCare (TCAC) Team at Dundee City Council to ensure care leavers have an opportunity to share their thoughts, views and opinions about care related matters after transitioning out of care.

The group meets monthly on a Monday evening from 5pm to 6.30pm at The TCAC office on Crichton Street. They discuss issues relevant to the Champions Board and corporate parents.

Care leavers interested in attending should contact Natalie in the first instance.


  • Care leavers have lobbied for showers to be fitted in their homes as standard, assistance with DIY and decorating and an additional £20 food voucher in addition to their statutory money to help address budgeting and balancing competing needs.
  • 4Change have identified inequalities for care leavers regarding employment and training opportunities. Work is ongoing with Workforce Development to progress work experience opportunities, guarantee interviews and reduce qualification criteria.
  • The CEYP Coordinator attends the Care Leavers into Employment (CLiE) STAF focus group to feedback local news, hear abut other national initiatives and directly feed into consultations that affect Care Leavers.


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