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Arty Party

In April Carolina House Trust young people enjoyed an ‘Arty Party’ held at head office.  Dundee’s own international children’s author and illustrator, Lindsey Gardiner facilitated an art session which provided the young people with an opportunity to express themselves creatively. Speaking at the event, Lindsey said “art offers children and teens a safe and nurturing environment to experience and express thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening and meaningful way”

The objective of the day was for the young people to create a colour wheel via a hands on colour experience to help convey emotions and discuss feelings.

colour wheel

Example of an emotional colour wheel and how complex this could be.  This idea was simplified to make it more accessible for the young people.

Templates were given along with a talk about colour and how it can convey our emotions. Children’s books were used to show how this can be really helpful in understanding our emotions and that it’s ok to have all these different feelings.

The young people used various methods of painting and printing to create templates that convey their emotions.






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