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Experiencing community learning in action

It has been a pleasure to host Lauren on placement from her Community Learning & Development degree course at the University of Dundee. Having students with us helps influence good practice and teach real-life scenarios with the future workforce. Students also bring new learning and perspectives into our organisation.

Lauren has spent 11 weeks in our Fostering and Continuing Care team learning about the support we offer young people and carers, and how we use participation activities to hear their voices. Participation activities help strengthen our community, build peer groups, learn from the experience of our young people and ultimately inform how we develop our services.

Lauren said goodbye to the young people in their newsletter and we are pleased to share her words on her time at CHT.


Lauren, Community Learning & Development student I just want to say a HUGE thank you and goodbye to everyone at CHT! I’ll sadly be finishing my placement here on April 1st after being here for 11 weeks. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to get involved in some of the activities here at CHT!

I loved The Promise event day and getting to meet more young people who love glitter glue as much as I do! I’ve had a really fun time too developing my snooker playing skills and getting beat by everyone! Thanks again to everyone for all the support while I have been on placement and for making it such a fun 11 weeks! I look forward to hearing about all the other amazing things CHT and it’s young people achieve in the future!

Best wishes and have a lovely Easter when it comes!


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