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Introduction to Foster Care Fortnight

Carolina House Trust kicks off Foster Care Fortnight #FCF2020 with a message of thanks to foster carers from Donald MacKenzie, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Welcome to Foster Care Fortnight. I had wanted to do this as a film, but my knowledge of technology doesn’t stretch that far (yet!), so here I will write down what I wanted to say. The COVID-19 virus has made us very aware of who the important people are in our society – healthcare staff, shop workers, residential care staff, lorry drivers, etc. But those of us who have been involved in social care for children for many years already knew of a group of people that are invaluable to society – foster carers. Caring for children and young people and giving them a chance in life, especially those whose circumstances have prevented that from happening in their early life, has got to rank amongst the most important things that any human being could do. Our society has opted to reward those who climb up the greasy pole, involving scrambling over others in order to get to the top. It celebrates those who make lots of money, no matter what the human costs. Those who don’t make it are just cast aside. Well, thankfully, we do have enough people who do care. And these people need to know that there many of us who consider this far more important than getting to the top of the greasy pole.

To accept a child who has had to be removed from their family home, and all the trauma that involves, into your own home and to care for them in a compassionate, loving way; to work hard to overcome the effects of the neglect and abuse they may have suffered; to show that no matter what they do or say you will still be there for them; to stand up for them; to fight for them – that takes a very special person indeed. I’ve had the privilege of being at events where a large number of foster carers have been together. I look around the room and appreciate that here I am amongst this group of people who think of themselves as very ordinary, but who are in fact very extraordinary in what they do and I feel very humble and honoured to be there. Foster carers – I thank you.

About Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering. We are excited to join them with sharing so many of our own stories in our online celebration.

The theme #ThisIsFostering is the perfect one to showcase the excellent work the CHT foster carers do and how they are particularly heroic in these times.

The overarching message of every Foster Care Fortnight is ‘foster care transforms lives’.

Fostering changes the lives of young people, foster carers and their families and all those involved. It’s a pleasure to share this challenging, rewarding and transformative work with you.


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