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We’ve received ‘Very Good’ feedback from our latest Foster Care inspection


We are delighted to share with you that as a result of a recent Care Inspectorate inspection of our Foster Care service, we have been graded ‘very good’ for both Care & Support and Management & Leadership.

The inspector spoke to young people, staff and carers as part of the inspection.  Many of their comments indicated very high levels of satisfaction with the fostering service such as:

“I like working for CHT, they are there when you need them.”

“I had an issue recently and everyone got on board to sort it out.”

“The activities are good, I have been to different days and really enjoyed them. I get to meet different people who work at Carolina and that’s good because then they know who you are and you know them better too.”

“They always answer the phone, always available and they give good advice that makes sense.”

“(the manager) is good. She listens to you and knows her stuff, she has a professional approach but also feels more informal when that is ok.”

“This is a good service; the values are right.”

The Care Inspector found improving outcomes for children and young people with a clear focus on growth and achievement for children and young people and foster carers. The inspector also found that foster carers’ portfolios had been improved and compassionate and quality relationships were supporting stable placements.

The service is continuing to raise awareness and knowledge of GIRFEC and the SHANARRI well-being indicators which are being used effectively with a growing number of children and young people to measure progress and outcomes in the areas of safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. Young people the inspector spoke with said they felt safe and respected, they said that they lead healthier lives and talked about their achievements in school or college or within their communities.

Please find below a link to the full report.

Foster Care Inspection Report


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