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Womble ways to reduce carbon emissions

The CHT environmental group, The Wombles, are working on reducing our individual carbon emissions.

How often have you looked at something about reducing emissions and felt ‘that would be fine, but…..’?

Too much of it seems to be about big things or about things that just seem too hard to do, like ‘do an energy audit of your home’, or ‘install a low-flow showerhead’, or ‘buy an electric or hybrid car’.

Concentrating on the things you can do might seem insignificant, but can actually make a huge difference, if everyone adopts them.

And someone has to be the first to do it. Why not you?

9 easy Womble things we can do now

  1. Reduce food waste. Plan meals ahead of time, freeze excess and re-use left overs. Start now. What are you having tonight?
  2. Choose organic and local. There was once a time when we didn’t have all our food all of the time ………. and humanity survived. If you love raspberries and strawberries from the local fields, then once the season is finished just look forward to next year. Don’t start buying raspberries that have had to be flown in from abroad. Eat Scottish vegetables. They might be less exotic, but they’re as good for you and better for the world. Check the ‘Country of Origin’ on the packaging.
  3. Compost food waste. If you do have waste, then put it in the wee recycling bin.
  4. Don’t buy fast fashion. Trendy, cheap items that go out of style quickly get dumped in landfills where they produce methane as they decompose. Most fast fashion has to come into the UK, so shipping it requires the use of fossil fuels. Instead, buy quality clothing that will last.
  5. Wash your clothing in cold water. The enzymes in cold water detergent are designed to clean better in cold water.
  6. Buy less stuff! And buy used or recycled items whenever possible.
  7. Try to avoid items with excess packaging.
  8. Take care of your car. Keeping your tyres properly inflated and ensuring that your car is properly maintained and serviced increases your fuel efficiency, cutting your costs and being good for the world.
  9. Avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. Some studies found that aggressive driving can result in 40 per cent more fuel consumption than consistent, calm driving.

Have fun, save money and save the world.


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