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Residential Care

Tarvit Cottage is a therapeutic residential service for children from the age of 8 to 20 years old.  Young people will come to us with a variety of life experiences and reasons why they can no longer live at home.

The team at Tarvit care for young people through challenges and opportunities so that we can better connect them with the people and places most important to them. We can care for young people for both short periods of time and longer periods of time into adulthood, depending on what is best for the young person.

Being a therapeutic residential service we care for young people by using daily life events to connect, understand and guide.  Each of our moments is underpinned by therapeutic principles that offer opportunities for growth and understanding. As well as being non-restraint, we are also non-punishment. Instead, we use challenges as opportunities to problem solve, for reparation and to experience difficult emotions.

Download our brochure here:  Tarvit Cottage – Therapeutic Residential Care

Contact our Residential Services Leader to check placement availability on 07764830082.




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