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Residential Care

Tarvit Cottage offers a residential service in a peaceful rural setting for young people over eight years old.  In most cases they will have been assessed as not functioning well in a family placement.  We therefore offer a safe and nurturing environment that supports young people to recover from experiences of neglect, abuse, family breakdown and trauma.  The cottage is staffed by skilled and empathetic staff who support the young people to grow, flourish and achieve their potential.

Each young person brings with them unique life experiences and as such we recognise their diverse range of needs.  The team around the child will involve family and friends as well as the professionals associated with the child’s care plan.  All young people living at Tarvit are given the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Individual and well planned interventions underpin the care offered by Carolina House Trust to all young people. The young people who live at Tarvit Cottage will have an assessment of their needs completed, this will form a bespoke package of care designed to achieve positive outcomes.  The one to one staff ratio, in a rural setting, creates an environment that naturally aids relationship formation built on trust.

As all relationships are based on attachment Tarvit staff will utilise the Secure Base Model and the concept of wraparound care.  All young people will be offered a ‘Life Story’ to create a coherent sense of identity based on their individual story.  CHT’s adherence to the principles of Growth MindSet helps encourage positive outcomes in all areas of a young person’s life.

Download our brochure here –  Residential Care (Tarvit Cottage)

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