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Positive Outcomes for Young People

Our initial and subsequent assessments incorporate the Wellbeing Web underpinned by GIRFEC and SHANARRI.  We are able to set a baseline to measure to monitor progress.  Monthly reviews of support and interventions are adapted accordingly in order to ensure that the young person continues to achieve their outcomes.



Positive outcomes for Young People


The cottage provides a safe environment where staff develop key working relationships with young people focused on improving personal safety and wellbeing.  Keeping young people safe from physical and emotional harm is a priority. Individual strategies are included in each young person’s care plan which, alongside carefully considered risk assessments, provides our staff with clear and concise guidelines when working with vulnerable young people.


Health promotion is a key area of our care practice and delivery.  All young people in our care attend doctor, dentist and optician appointments.  Our staff work closely with placing social workers to ensure that our young people have detailed, regularly updated health action plans that meet their individual needs. Nutritionally balanced menus, comprehensive activity planners are implemented.  Wellbeing needs of the young person are paramount.  Where specific intervention is required we will advocate on the young person’s behalf.


At Carolina House Trust we value the positive contributions our young people make, and encourage them to participate in making choices for their day to day   living and in developing their care, education and health plans.  Regular and varied participation opportunities are provided, and all staff are trained to communicate effectively and sensitively. Becoming involved in the wider community is encouraged and appropriately supported.


Young people are provided with the life skills to support the transition to living independently within their own community.  All young people are provided with individual bank accounts and encouraged to save for their future.  A flexible approach to care planning helps to develop individuals with a strong focus on their future independence.


Educational attendance is positively encouraged and assisted where necessary.  Our staff ensure that homework, internet access and extracurricular activity is fully supported, and communication with education staff is maintained at a high level.

All our young people are encouraged to participate in activities that they enjoy as we believe this is an important element to maintaining a sense of wellbeing and can offer opportunities to learn and interact with others through taking part in group activities.

We understand looked after young people can achieve in lots of different ways so we encourage less formal learning and have an outdoor learning programme as well as life skills.






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