CHT staff team wellbeing wins

February 1, 2023

At CHT we know that our staff team can only support carers and young people if they themselves are well. As a responsible employer we make staff wellbeing a priority.

Providers of social care services are well aware of the impact that burnout can have on teams and the impact on the quality of the services provided. 

We are currently reviewing our People strategy to make sure that we are developing and rewarding the people who work for CHT now and in the future. We noted that despite the COVID pandemic, the subsequent economic downturn, and the changing demands on our services we have still been making improvements in what we offer staff to support their wellbeing.

Our wellbeing services are:

Hybrid Working – Although homeworking was an enforced requirement as a result of the pandemic we have acknowledged the benefits to wellbeing and work/life balance by continuing hybrid working.

Employee Assistance Programme – Through our provider, we have 24/7 access to personalised, on-demand advice and support from a team of mental health, financial and legal experts, plus much more. This includes access to up to six counselling sessions every year for each member of staff.

Wellness Action Plan – A Wellness Action Plan reminds us what we need to do to stay well at work and provides details to a line manager on how best they can support individuals. The Wellness Action Plan is a confidential document which is between the individual and their line manager.

Mental Health at Work Commitment – The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a framework CHT signed up to in 2020 and provides a roadmap to achieving better mental health outcomes for employees.

Wellbeing Learning sessions – Over the past couple of years, we have provided sessions on various wellbeing aspects i.e. stress, resilience, financial wellbeing etc.

Wellbeing challenges and social events through the Social Committee – The Social Committee has organised a number of wellbeing challenges and social events to improve wellbeing and team camaraderie.

Discounted Gym Membership – As a member of DACC, we have discounted access to state-of-the-art leisure and fitness facilities (including use of the fitness suite, fitness classes and a 25m indoor pool) at the college’s Gardyne Sports Centre.

Financial guidance – regular advice direct from our pension provider.

Wellbeing Wednesday – Each Wednesday, our People & Development Officer highlights a different aspect of wellbeing – mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

Policies – We review and update our policies regularly and add new policies where necessary. Lately we have added policies for Volunteer & Volunteering, Menopause in the Workplace, Mental wellbeing, Supporting victims of domestic abuse, Lone working, Smoking and use of substitute smoking materials and a commitment to a Carers Charter.

Our terms and conditions also include hybrid and flexible working, 36 days of annual leave, enhanced maternity, paternity and shared parental leave, paid emergency time off for dependents and a rewards and recognition scheme.

We have much to be proud of at CHT in terms of the care we take of staff wellbeing and we will always review and improve this so our carers and young people benefit from engaged, motivated and supportive staff.

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