12 Days of CHT-mas

December 21, 2022

We asked the CHT Community what they thought about Christmas in a survey. Our staff, carers and Board of Trustees revealed their festive highlights, traditions and worries. 

Christmas has always been a busy time for CHT. We have seen many traditions come and go in over 200 years of caring for children in Scotland. Christmas parties started in the early 20th century and continue until today. This year we had a carers lunch, a staff lunch and a Christmas Party Day Out for the young people in our community. From Christmas quizzes, card competitions, Christmas jumpers and ice skating, we pack a lot in. 

Just before the festive season started, we asked our community to complete a survey on how they celebrated and what they thought about this time of year. Their answers confirmed what a thoughtful, caring and unique group of people they are – with plenty of quirks that make the CHT Community so special.