Celebrating success and fostering moments

May 30, 2024

We marked Foster Care Fortnight 2024 with a celebration lunch for our carers while acknowledging special fostering moments.

Celebrating success is important to our community and central to our growth mindset philosophy. We reflect on the efforts we make every single day that contribute to special moments in the lives of our children and young people. It was fitting to include a Celebration of Success in our Foster Care Fortnight activities. 

Celebrating fostering achievements

To acknowledge the hard work and passion for nurturing young people that our carers demonstrate all year we treated them to a delicious lunch at The Selkie in Dundee’s city centre. On a lovely May day, we gathered as a community – carers, staff and trustees – to enjoy lunch and share our stories of achievement. In the weeks leading up to the lunch our Supervising Social Workers reflected on the past 12 months for our carers and identified a notable achievement related to each of the young people that the carer had contributed to using their nurturing skills and experience. The Chair of our Board of Trustees, Donald McKenzie shared these achievements and presented the carers with a certificate before we all tucked into lunch. 

Collage of CHT community enjoying a foster care celebration lunch at The Selkie

Fostering moments 

The theme of Foster Care Fortnight set by The Fostering Network for 2024 was ‘Fostering moments’. At the end of lunch, we asked our carers and trustees to note down a special fostering moment for them. They included simple, daily moments like big smiles or transforming events like their first family holiday. 

Collage of fostering moments special to our carers in colourful handwriting.


Could this be you? 

All the carers responsible for these achievements and special moments once wondered ‘What if I were to try fostering?.’ We are so glad that they did and gave us the pleasure of supporting them to do it. If you are considering fostering and want to talk to us freely and informally, we would happily speak with you by telephone, online, at our Head Office or in your home. You can find out more on our Fostering & Continuing Care pages.