Helping foster carers with home energy costs

January 11, 2024

One of our foster carers has received a whole range energy efficiencies funded by Home Energy Scotland after attending one of our workshops.

We regularly provide sessions to our community about resources that help save money while considering our environmental impact. In October 2023, we offered our CHT community a learning session on Sustainable Travel from Home Energy Scotland. As a result of the session, one of our foster carers, Cathy, has accessed a range of home energy efficiency improvements. 

Our People & Development Officer, Charlene, found more in a Q & A with Cathy. 

What interested you in attending the Energy Efficiency session from Home Energy Scotland?

I am always looking for ways that I can do my bit for climate controls. It’s a bonus if it saves me some money in the process.

What did you enjoy most about the session?

Learning about all the initiatives geared towards supporting people in their bid to help take care of the planet that are happening within Scotland.

What impact did the session have on you?


It had a massive effect on me and my family. I called the number to see what help they could give me. This resulted in being offered an assessment. The gentleman arrived and went through the house with a fine tooth comb. He measured every area, every door, radiator, room etc. He measured all around the outside of the house. From that, I was offered a range of home improvements. This included an Air Source Heat Pump, and new radiators throughout. I was also offered a complete Solar panels system with batteries. 

There was a lot of upheaval involved, as they had to lay new water pipes everywhere, so all the carpets had to come up. They provided the carpet fitter who lifted the areas of carpet needing access. A few of my radiators were kept though, as the damage to the walls would not have been covered by the new radiators. By the time the team left, you would not have known they were there as they tidied everything up behind them.

It took two days to put the new heating system in. The solar panels and batteries are going in this Tuesday. I have been assured that there will be no mess. Once the system is in, I can apply to be accepted to the Smart Export Guarantee, who will buy back any unused electricity we have.

I wouldn’t put in the Air Source Pump Heating system in without solar panels though as it is expensive to run on its own. Time will tell how effective it will all be, but I have spoken to others who did it and they have saved considerably on their energy bills. I would never have contacted them if it wasn’t for the training session that day.


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