Sharing our young peoples’ Stories of Change nationally

February 14, 2024

Support worker, Natalie, showcased our work on Unleashing Potential in our Young People.

The Promise Scotland invited organisations across Scotland to gather and share their Stories of Change this month. They wanted to learn what changes people working in those organisations were making to Keep The Promise in Scotland and what impact they were having.

Support worker, Natalie, attended the event in Edinburgh and presented a poster showcasing the work CHT had been doing on Growth Mindset in our organisation. CHT are a growth mindset organisation and has embedded the principles in our culture. We believe this is key to unleashing the potential in our young people. This work is aligned with and supports how we implement the relevant components of The Promise.

Unleashing potential in our young people – a Growth Mindset approach

In the last 12 months, we have focused on how our young people adopt a growth mindset in their lives. Our staff and carers have also been refreshing their understanding of what this means. Although it has been only a few months since we completed the latest of our programmes, we already had feedback to share about the positive changes young people have made in their lives.

“I can be more open with others now”

You can read Noah’s story in our poster.

Poster presenting the intervention and impact of unleashing the potential of our young people.

Download the PDF – Unleashing the potential in our young people

Networking and creating new opportunities for young people

Natalie met up with colleagues Carol and Dawn from Get Set Yeti who have also been focused on The Promise in their work and together they shared how we collaborate to create new resources. Natalie enjoyed learning what other organisations had been doing and was pleased to note that at CHT we were already regularly providing participation events which is seen as sector best practice in creating community and listening to young people.

The highlight for Natalie was listening to three young adults with lived experience of the care system who were now working hard to improve it for other young people. Their passion for change was inspirational. For some audience members, the issues of kinship care and the experiences of abuse survivors were not given enough attention and Natalie was keen to ask a question about continuing care rights. However, she was heartened overall to see the change already made and the enthusiasm for collaboration and will press on while waiting for a response.

How can you help?

If you are enthusiastic about supporting young people to reach their potential we would be happy to talk to you about fostering. If you are interested and would like to learn more about what support the CHT Community provides, please get in touch.

Photograph of stage and set up for Stories of Change event in Edinburgh International Conference Centre